Introducing AWMUG

Hello there, and welcome to the first post of the Amateur Wardley Mapping User Group, or AWMUG to its friends.

I’m Chris. Pleased to meet you. I bought the domain for this site, but beyond that, this is a group effort by (currently) LucyAlex, and myself.

What is this for?

We (myself and a few friends working in user research, product management and in technical roles) put this site together largely to provide a public space to talk about Wardley Mapping / Value Chain Mapping, and other such tools and frameworks for thinking more strategically about the products and services we end up building in our day jobs.

There’s a lot to like about the Wardley Mapping / Value Chain Mapping, but right now, there’s also some mystique around the process – so we’ve set up the Amateur Wardley Mapping User Group, to emphasise that:

  1. we’re definitely not the experts in what is a relatively new technique, but we are interested in it
  2. we’re learning in public
  3. we want to make it feel approachable, and AWMUG is a vaguely funny acronym.

What should I expect?

(Hopefully) high quality examples with explanation

If you want to learn a new technique, one of the key factors for success is having access to a large quantity of high quality examples, to learn from, and start recognising the patterns that make up ‘a good map’. So, we’ll be creating public examples of maps, with commentary  to allow for some public discussion, to help your understanding, as well as ours.

Write ups of using the technique in different contexts – what worked, and what we struggled with

Almost all the examples we’ve found so far refer to using Wardley Mapping for software projects. That’s not surprising given our own professional background, but it’s a technique that’s presented as applicable outside the context of IT, so we’re aiming to map out more than just websites.

Links and commentary on other maps ‘in the wild’

Slowly but surely, more maps are appearing, but it’s still quite time consuming to find them all, then you’re trying to learn about the technique. We’ll be writing about those too.

Can I join in?

YES! Please do!

We’re looking for people up for doing interview style posts about using the technique themselves, or having a go at mapping a subject out with us too (we did toy with calling AWMUG the Armchair Wardley Mapping User Group, after all).

If you’ve created a map, and you’d fancy writing a guest post in a show and tell stylee, we’d especially love to hear from you too.

I’m busy. Can’t you just tell me when you’ve done something new, so I can see if it’s worth my time?

Yes – we’ve you can sign up for a monthly at most newsletter, sent via Tiny Letter, We’ll only ever use your email address for this newsletter.

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