A online course for learning Wardley Mapping

I write for this blog mainly to help improve my understanding of Wardley Mapping, and by doing so, I’m hoping it’ll help others do so too. There’s now a course available from the Leading Edge Forum, that you might want to know about.

I’ve been following Wardley Mapping, and Simon Wardley’s recorded talks about the cloud computing in particular since about 2010, when I came across his FOWA talk from 2007, and the wonderful term, patration:

Patration: “the freedom and portability to move from one service provider to another without hindrance or boundaries”

I’ve also through trial and error been mapping myself for a while now, but I would have loved to have come across this course a few years ago when starting out.

The author

As far as I am aware, the course was created by Chris Daniel, (@kda on twitter) – he’s been writing about Wardley Mapping for a few years, and started the WardleyMaps website, and building an open source prototype mapping tool, before joining the Leading Edge Forum, to work with Simon Wardley on the course.

Giving it a go myself

I did see some the early draft versions of the video course, but I haven’t seen the final version – so me signing up has been something of a leap of faith, but there’ll likely be a review of the course on this blog in the coming weeks, when I’ve run through it.

So, if you’re curious about Wardley Mapping, and would like a structured online course to help understand it, it’s half price until the end of May. The link is below


NB. Disclosure: There are no agreements, referrals or affiliate fees earned for mentioning this, I’m just curious, and I think that over the next 12 months, it’ll be worth more than the 75 bucks it cost me to sign up.



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