Would you go to an AWMUG event this summer?

Lucy and I had been DM’ing back and forth today about getting a proper publicity push out for AWMUG this month, when earlier today, one Mr Simon Wardley stumbled across our little blog:

Not just that – seeing this post about some work I did with Growing Communities made my day:


Cripes. Now we really need to do something

As well as being responsible for an uptick in traffic to this previously-unknown blog, it also had the happy side effect of forcing me to get my arse in gear, and make a typeform to see if there was demand for running an AWMUG event in one of our home cities in the next few months.

Would you come to an AWMUG event? If so where?

We’re trying to see if see if it’s realistic to try putting together as small workshop around the subject in the near future (i.e. July or August), where people get a chance to try mapping an existing organisation or industry, and use the maps as a prop for discussion around the subject.

So, if you’re curious about this Wardley Mapping lark, it would be really helpful if you could try filling out this typeform below – we’ve tried to make the questions really fast to answer, and it’ll help us work out where to have our first event.

Fill out the super easy typeform here




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