Running the first AWMUG event – Mapping Opera

Earlier in October, I wrote a bit about a format for an event specifically set up to allow people interested in mapping, to try using mapping to understand their environment better, and and generally get practice and build confidence in the technique.

Also, at Mapcamp itself, I got the chance to speak to a number of people about running an AWMUG event, and ended up fleshing this out in a couple of blog posts.

And I have some news I’m pretty excited about.

Introducing Mapping Opera – AWMUG at the Royal Opera House.

Later this month, we’re running our first open AWMUG event, Mapping Opera with the Royal Opera house.

If there’s still tickets available you can sign up now. Go, go, go!

A note on diversity

We want to build diversity into these events from the beginning. And it’s worth talking a bit about this. We’re signatories of the diversity charter, and one commitment we’re making from the beginning, is to say that for an AWMUG event to take place, at least a third of our attendees have to come from diverse backgrounds.

If we can’t reach this milestone for an event, it means two things:

  1. we haven’t been trying hard enough to reach people outside our existing groups
  2. we shouldn’t be running the event

Of course, while we’re doing what we can to help reach people outside our own little bubble, it also means if you’re interested in coming, and you want an event to go ahead, it’s in your interest to reach people from diverse background who might be interested too.

We don’t know how which tactics are most effective for this, but after the event has taken place, we’ll touch on the subject of how it worked.



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