The Amateur Wardley Mapping User Group, or AWMUG to its friends, is a group effort to provide a public space to talk about Wardley Mapping, as a tool top help think strategically about the products and services we end up building in our day jobs.

You can find out more about why AWMUG exists here, but the short story is:

  • we want mapping to be more accessible (hence the amateur tag)
  • we run this site for fun, and we’re hoping that by learning in public, we’ll get better at it
  • we’re looking for others to join us, as there aren’t too many people talking about it publicly at the moment

The team

In (very) alphabetical order, the people organising AWMUG and writing on this are:

Chris Adams


Based in Berlin, and occasionally London, Chris Adams runs Product Science, a small environmentally focussed web agency, working primarily with startups and NGOs on projects related to climate change, or open data.

He has worked as a product manager, solutions architect, user researcher, front and back-end developer, and workshop facilitator, for larger clients like the NHS, RedBull, the Greater London Authority, and startups like Loco2, Mastodon C, and Thermondo.

Alex Blandford


Alex works with government and charities to help them understand technology rather than just throw money at it. He has worked with Parliament, the Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy, Barnardo’s and Thames Valley Housing Association. He lives in Cambridge.

Lucy Chambers


Lucy crept into tech through a back door. She draws on the memories of being a newbie in the tech world to make tech more inviting and less mysterious to those attempting to engage with it.

Also based in Berlin, Lucy works with Thoughtworks as a Business Analyst, after working as a trainer, product manager and delivery manager, for the likes of MySociety, Open Knowledge, the School of Data, and eHealth Africa. She was also one of the editors of the Data Journalism Handbook.